Many people put off writing a will, so in this blog post Rest Assured explains why having an up-to-date will relays your wishes about the distribution of your property, wealth and other assets, and the care of any children and pets, when you’re gone.

None of us knows what the future holds, yet many of us still put off writing a last will and testament.

It is easy and comforting to imagine that we and our loved ones don’t yet need the security of a well-structured will.

But in the event of our death at any time, the lack of a will causes an inordinate amount of difficulty and distress for our nearest and dearest.

Compiling and signing a last will and testament makes it easy for family and friends to execute our wishes.

It also gives us peace of mind that our affairs are in order in case of unforeseen events.

A last will and testament provides the freedom to continue living life without a nagging concern that we have no end-of-life arrangements in place.

Ten Reasons why we need a last will and testament

1 – They ensure those we leave behind benefit from our energies and efforts in life and tell them how much they meant to us.

2 – They allow us to leave a legacy which reflects our principles, priorities and how we lived our life.

3 – They help those closest to us to work through their grief with less distraction and difficulty.

4 – They ensure any minor children are afforded the guardianship we and they want, rather than the government deciding their care and fate.

5 – They prevent disagreements and fall-outs occurring between those we cherish most.

6 – They ring-fence inheritance for children in the event our surviving partners remarrying.

7 – They provide a final opportunity to support charities that were there for those we love.

8 – They prevent the government from deciding what happens to our wealth and possessions.

9 – They offer us the opportunity to put our homes into a property trust sold they can’t be sold to cover care costs.

10 – They guarantee our beloved pets are cared for in the way we want and by the people we want.

Writing a will constitutes a single decisive step forward towards taking ultimate control of our lives.

Having an up-to-date will and testament provides us with a comforting feeling that all of our end-of-life arrangements are in order.

Rest Assured Funeral Plans includes a well-structured, legal will and testament in the price of its funeral plans.

This saves clients the additional cost, and gathering of energies, associated with writing a will

What is included in a Rest Assured Will and Testament?

Rest Assured offers a comprehensive will writing service so you can feel confident all the elements of your estate reach their rightful recipients.

Your Rest Assured Will and Testament will:

  • Name your executors and trustees as the people you feel have the integrity to oversee the distribution of your estate.
  • Identify who you wish to inherit your estate and to what degree they will benefit from it, whether in monetary terms or by bequeathing them your possessions.
  • Appoint suitable guardians for your children rather than leaving the decision to a court.
  • Instruct any last wishes to be carried out so your priorities, preferences and principles may live on once you’ve gone.
  • Address any difficult family circumstances to avoid disagreements and fall-outs among your loved ones.
  • Ensure your children’s inheritance is ring-fenced in the event your surviving partner remarries.
  • Protect your share of a property from being sold to cover future care costs. You can see our Rest Assured Property Trust product to learn more about this valuable opportunity.
  • Allocate a donation to any chosen charity.
  • Make a provision for any pets you leave behind.

To find out more about a Rest Assured Funeral Plan including Last Will and Testament, contact us today on 03333 226 677 for a friendly discussion about your wishes.

One of our team can visit you in the comfort of your own home if that is how you’d prefer to deal with these matters.