The cost of living in the UK continues to rise across many areas of life. From travel to house prices to energy rates, the price of almost everything increases at pace. But while some of these costs represent big hikes in living expenses, an unseen cost which continues to grow faster than the rest is the cost of a funeral.

In the last year alone funeral prices jumped by £150. They are expected to go up by a further £185 this year.

The average funeral has risen by almost two thirds in cost, in the last decade. By the end of this decade, families can expect to pay more than £6000 for the price of a funeral. By 2040, they’ll be paying a projected £8000.

These costs take into account the price of a hearses and limousines, a funeral director and service, as well as fees for coroners, doctors and a minister or priest.

The true cost of dying – including expenses for headstones, burial plots and wakes – is actually closer to £9,500 at present. By 2040 it is expected to be more than £14,200*.

However, unlike energy bills, house prices, train fares and groceries, the amount you pay for your funeral doesn’t have to rise.

Funeral prices can be locked at today’s prices, regardless of whether you need the service in two years or two decades.

A funeral which takes place in 20 years may cost you the estimated £8000 forecast by the financial services industry. Or it can cost less than £2700 with a funeral plan from Rest Assured.

A decision to pay for your funeral now, and use our service later, equates to a financial investment providing near 300% returns.

It means customers can leave an additional £5300 in their estate for children, grandchildren and other relatives, if they were to pass away in 20 years or less.

For under £2700, Rest Assured Funeral Plans’ customers receive every element of a funeral required to deliver a fitting send-off.

We provide collection and care of the deceased, a family visit to a chapel of rest, a veneered coffin with name plate, a funeral hearse and four pall bearers, transport of the deceased to the crematorium, a funeral procession, a funeral service at a crematorium or cemetery, collaborative contact with the funeral director and family support during grief.

These are the core elements of a funeral which is expected to cost £8000 by 2040. That £8000 comes out of an estate after death, instead of £2700 which comes out of it now.

There are further benefits derived from purchasing a funeral plan. They include being able to leave a detailed plan of your funeral in advance.

A funeral plan lays out your wishes for the style of service you want to reflect your life. It removes financial and emotional burdens from family when the time comes.

In short, a detailed funeral plan allows your loved ones to simply grieve and rest, if they have been involved in your end-of-life care.

Rest Assured Funeral Plans places its customers’ monies safely in an independently managed trust fund, and there it stays until the moment it is needed.

Money invested in funeral plans is protected from risk.

Our independent trust fund only invests its money in investments that are approved by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.


For more information about funeral plans and how we arrange fitting farewells at an affordable price, please contact Rest Assured Funeral Plans on 0800 065 4514


* Figures estimated from the 2020 SunLife Cost of Dying Report.