The often ‘ill-timed’ cost of paying for a loved one’s funeral has been rising rapidly, for at least a decade. End of life arrangements are now 40 percent more expensive than they were in 2012. Today the price of processing the final departure of a loved one stands at £8,864 – a sum of money that few typical UK families can lay their hands on easily.

For many families it represents an instant, sizeable deduction from their inherited estate. This has led many ageing people to seek out less expensive ways for their children to cover the cost of their funerals.

Each year, leading insurer Sun Life publishes a Cost of Dying Report.

It baselines the price of funerals, the costs of caring for our deceased and the fees to be paid for other arrangements encountered when someone dies.

When a close family member passes away, of the £8,864 that the average UK resident spends on end of life arrangements, £2,325 is spent on matters of administering the estate of the deceased.

The balance of £6,539 is paid to cover funeral costs, professional fees associated with cremations and burials, and various forms of remembrance wanted by families.

This often eye-watering price of funerals and their associated arrangements forces many families to take out loans to pay for the cost of a loved one dying.

A quarter of those surveyed in SunLife’s Cost of Dying Report 2022 used a credit card to pay off some or all of their funeral costs.

Another quarter surveyed admitted to borrowing money from friends or relatives to cover some or all of the near £9,000 expense incurred when a family member dies.

One in six families who organised a funeral explained that the cost of doing so had caused them notable financial difficulty.

Yet, Rest Assured offers a prepaid funeral plan package that includes funeral service arrangements and costs, professional fees, collection, care and transport of the deceased as well as pall bearers, hearse and limousine hire for less than £4000.

It’s a full funeral and is made possible by Rest Assured investing that sum over the long term, with thousands more like it in an independently-managed legal trust fund, in low risk investments.

This helps families avoid the increasingly exorbitant prices of £9000 and more needed to pay for funerals upon the death of a loved one.


What does a prepaid funeral plan include?

Rest Assured’s Cedar funeral plan costs just £3,999.

It ensures collection of the deceased. A designated funeral director oversees care of the body and family visits to the chapel of rest.

They ensure a crematorium or graveside service is prepared and delivered by a chosen celebrant with an appropriate belief. All in liaison with the family of the deceased.

Our £3,999 Cedar plan includes a veneered coffin with name plate, and hearse and limousine hire, four ball bearers and a funeral procession as well as payment of cremation fees.

It also incorporates a generous disbursement allowance to cover other professional fees encountered in processing the departure of a loved one. It also includes family bereavement support.

Customers who purchase our Cedar plan lock in all of those funeral benefits and protect themselves against future rises in funeral costs.

The cost of dying is predicted to rise by another ten percent within the next five years, before factoring in the effect of a prolonged period of abnormal inflation.


Funeral plans are one of the best ways to relieve your family of any worries about paying for your farewell. You’re fixing costs at today’s best prices.

Rest Assured is an authority on all end-of-life matters including funeral plans, wills and property trusts.

It offers a range of funeral plans starting from £2,799

For more information about funeral plans and how we ensure every customer is happy with the funeral plan they buy, please contact Rest Assured Plans on 0800 065 4514