TV star Tamzin Outhwaite has urged her fans to put a current last will and testament in place after suffering the heartbreak of seeing her mother’s assets “end up in the wrong hands”.

The ex-Eastenders actress says she lost out on a portion of her mum Anna’s inheritance because there wasn’t an up-to-date will in place when she died suddenly.

She believes she would have received more from her mum’s estate if her end of life arrangements had been in better order at the time of her death in 2018.

Writing to her fans on Instagram she revealed she was left in tears after getting less money than she expected.

The 50-year-old posted a photo of a new shepherd’s hut for the garden of her Cotswold home and told them:

“After a tense journey from London, the unveiling of the long awaited hut should have been joyful. Unfortunately, myself and two kids arrived crying from a family discussion.

“I used the money left to me when my mum died, which should have been more, but mum didn’t have a current will so her kids did not get what was meant for them.

“BUT, I did manage to get the most beautiful @redskyshepherdshuts for our place in the Cotswolds which has become my passion project, holiday home and business all in one.

“Moral of the story? Get a current will! If not all your hard-earned money and assets could end up in the wrong hands.”

The telly star then added the hashtags #mumwouldhavelovedthis #stillgratefulthough and #hutwithaview

Tamzin’s dear mum passed away from an aneurysm at the age of 67.

At the time she wrote a heartfelt message on social media which read: “So lucky to have you as my mum. What an incredible human you were.

“Thank you Mum. You taught me how to live and you continue to teach me …”

She has since spoken further about the ordeal of losing her mum

“My mother’s death was so shocking,” she said in one interview.

“She was my best friend and having her taken suddenly from me was the worst thing ever.”

Tamzin’s fans were quick to console her over the loss of her rightful inheritance.

One commented: “Aww we had this with my dad.. it adds to the heartbreak doesn’t it, especially when you feel most vulnerable about the situation.”

Another wrote: “Keep being you beautiful! An injustice never goes unnoticed… karma is always waiting in the wings… enjoy your stunning holiday home!”

One more added: “That house would have been Anna’s spot. It is her spot because it’s your spot and she’s there with you every time you go! Sending you love.”

Many people put off writing or updating a will because it evokes uncomfortable feelings.

But having an up-to-date will ensures the correct distribution of property, wealth and other assets.

They make it easy for family and friends to execute wishes and they give us peace of mind that our affairs are in order in case of unforeseen events such as a fatal aneurysm, stroke or heart attack.

In the event of our untimely death, the lack of an up-to-date will can lead to excessive amounts of difficulty and distress for loved ones.

Here are Rest Assured’s ten reasons why it is important to have an up-to-date last will and testament in place.

Rest Assured’s chief executive Thomas Loughran said: “Tamzin has been brave to open up about the heartbreak of losing out on important parts of her rightful inheritance from her mum.

“It is tragic when this happens and she has chosen to help others learn from her misfortune.

“Putting a last will and testament in place is a relatively straightforward practice, yet so many people avoid the task.

“Rest Assured ensures each of its funeral plan clients have a current will in place when they purchase a funeral plan.

“It is part of our service because we don’t want our clients to go through just what Tamzin has experienced.”

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