Presenter Gloria Hunniford has joined a long list of female celebrities who have organised their own send-off. The TV star revealed that she has made her own end-of-life arrangements and funeral plans in a candid conversation on ITV’s Loose Women show earlier this month.

Veteran broadcaster Gloria told viewers that she plans to take some of her favourite personal items with her after her death.

The 81-year-old explained: “I have it all planned actually. I definitely want to be in a box. I don’t want to be cremated.”

With a wry smile, she said: “I’m going to take my shoulder pads. I’m going to take curling tongs.”

Turning to her fellow panellists she added: “I will have some form of re-charging my phone, just in case I want to get in touch with somebody.”

Gloria, whose 41-year-old daughter Caron Keating tragically passed away in 2004, spoke freely about planning her own funeral.

Her colleague Rangir Singh remarked on her preparedness and said: “As in life as in death.”

Gloria’s arrangements mirror those of actress, author and presenter Joanna Lumley OBE.

The screen icon was inspired by her parents’ funeral plans. She subsequently expressed wishes to be buried in a painted cardboard box filled with personal items and books.

Other stars who’ve planned their own funeral include Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall.

The Golden Globe winner has picked out a gravestone and secured a burial plot in Liverpool where she will be laid to rest.

Recently Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding revealed she has also made plans for her funeral.

The 39-year-old wrote in her auto autobiography Hear Me Out: “”It’s strange, I keep thinking about funerals at the moment.

“Cemeteries, plots, burials, what kind of send-off I’d like and how it would all go.

“It’s all there front and centre in my mind. I’ve also thought about an epitaph for my grave.”

The pop star continues to battle the health issues which prompted her thought process and funeral plans.

For an increasing number of residents in the UK, the idea of planning their own funeral is nothing new.

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