It can take time to reach a decision about where to scatter a loved one’s ashes. The choice of places to scatter a loved one’s ashes in the UK is almost endless. Finding the right location to let go of a family member or friend is important. Rest Assured clients can add detail and direction in their funeral plan about where they want their ashes to be scattered. But for those with no instruction, finding a fitting but convenient place to scatter their loved one’s ashes can be a daunting challenge.

Whether a quiet, remote and idyllic spot, or something accessible so family and friends can share the moment, the UK has a plethora of peaceful places for scattering ashes.

A recent study found and ranked the UK’s most popular spots for scattering ashes.

It reviewed 50 locations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in terms of their natural beauty, privacy and peace, climate, terrain and accessibility.

SunLife’s assessment found that the flat sands of Sandbanks Beach on the Dorset coast ticked most boxes the best, with the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs of East Sussex in second place.

Picturesque Stanwick in Northamptonshire, with its meadows and lakes, came third.

Derbyshire’s Peak District was deemed the most accessible place to scatter ashes in the UK while Carsington Water, also in Derbyshire, was found to be the quietest.

Other top UK spots for scattering ashes included Rutland Water, Loch Lomond, the Brecon Beacons, the Yorkshire Dales and Lake Windemere.

Rest Assured CEO Thomas Loughran commented: ““The UK is certainly blessed with many scenic, quiet and accessible places to go to scatter ashes.

“This information is of value to people buying funeral plans and who wish to add wishes around the scattering of ashes to their funeral plan.

“Often it is a personal choice. A comprehensive list of locations helps people identify a particular place where they’d like to be scattered.

“They can record it in a Rest Assured funeral plan along with other wishes and details about their funeral arrangements.”

If a local beauty spot or remote landscape aren’t quite personal enough then many funeral plan customers choose to have their ashes scattered in one of the following places:


A family home or garden

Many people’s ashes are scattered in their children’s gardens, in rose beds or around the foot of a tree.


A woodland area

UK woodlands are home to memories for us all and ashes scattered between trees nourishes their roots and growth, returning us quickly to the planetary cycle.


A crematorium or cemetery

Most crematoriums have a designated area for scattering ashes, be it a ‘garden of peace’ or quiet area of a graveyard.


A sports ground

Having ashes scattered on a cricket crease or between rugby posts usual in the UK and most sports clubs accommodate members’ wishes.


A park

Parks are not quiet places for scattering ashes but many people want their ashes scattered in a park because it holds a special value to them.


A family grave

People choose to have their ashes scattered on an existing family grave as a way of returning to family who have gone before them.


A river or lake

The banks of a river or lake offer a scenic place to say goodbye but also to return to for quiet reflection and remembrance.


A mountain or hill

Catching the breeze at the top of a mountain is a spectacular way to scatter ashes but the journey may be tiring and tricky.


Always consider if you wish to have your ashes scattered on public or private land and observe any permissions needed to scatter ashes in the place you want.

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