Rest Assured’s staff hope it is a long time before they have to carry out the directives associated with each of our customers’ funeral plans. The entire purpose of providing a funeral plan is to help customers live a long, comfortable and carefree life. But we understand, for that to happen, customers must also have peace of mind that their plan is safe, and the money they used to pay for it is secure. We believe a legal trust is the best way to manage our customers’ money responsibly until it is needed to pay for their funeral arrangements.

Why are funeral plans backed by a trust fund?

A legal trust guarantees that, no matter what happens, there will always be sufficient money within the trust to honour Rest Assured’s agreement with its customers.

The money that customers spend on a Rest Assured funeral plan now is deposited into a legal trust, so that their funeral costs can be covered whenever it becomes necessary later.

At the time of death, our trust fund ensures that our plan holders’ funeral costs are met, as promised, despite the rapidly rising cost of funerals.

It guarantees that funeral directors are only paid once their duties are done and our customer’s funeral has taken place.

A legal trust also certifies that, in the unlikely circumstance that Rest Assured goes out of business, our customers still receive the funeral services they paid for.

All funeral plan providers must place their clients’ money into an independently managed funeral trust, or a whole of life insurance policy.

A legal trust is specifically designed to protect money until it is needed. Independent fund managers invest funds in a way that is sure to provide the required return.

Rest Assured Plans’ trust is independently managed by a board of qualified trustees and some of the UK’s most respected financial advisors from leading investment companies.

They are led by an independent fund manager who is authorised to carry out investment activities in their name.

Together, they ensure our customers’ funeral plans are fully protected.

None of those professionals are part of or instructed by Rest Assured Funeral Plans. They maintain a wholly independent management of the trust to maintain its integrity.

Annual accounts for the trust are prepared and submitted.

Each year, the assets and liabilities of the trust are calculated and verified by a regulated actuary from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

The actuary evaluates the trust to clarify that sufficient funds are available to pay for the funerals of all plan holders, even if they all passed away at once, and to cover expenses incurred in administering the trust.

How safe is my money in a Rest Assured funeral plan?

Rest Assured chooses to place its clients’ funeral plan money into a tightly managed legal trust.

Our trust is a completely independent and secure fund, set up to meet the requirements of Articles 50 and 60 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

The Rest Assured Trust is managed by EGR Broking Limited, admitted as a member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange in March 2017.

EGR Broking is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, their principle location is London, England.

The trust accounts are produced and audited annually by Buckle Barton Limited, Leeds-based Chartered Accountants who have been established for more than 30 years.

An annual valuation to ensure there are sufficient assets to ultimately meet future payments to funeral directors is performed by actuaries, Rowanmoor.

These safeguards are present so our customers know that their money spent on a funeral plan with Rest Assured is entirely secure and their funeral plan is a safe investment.
Our independent trust holds more than enough funds to cover all funeral plan outlays and administrative costs.
These facets of our funeral plans business are why customers feel confident in and choose our products and service.

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